Life has its own meanings and interpretation, only those can understand who have courage and commitment.Cowards fail in life time and gain while those who can stand after failure can taste the fruit of success. Those who listen and understand the language of heart can materialize their dreams because heart can not tell a lie.Heart speaks the pure language; which is understood by only visionary. Dreams are source of motivation and inspiration in ones life.The people devoid of dreams have few chances of success in life. Have a courage to dream and then energy to materialize those dreams. This is what this life is all about.


5 thoughts on “Life??

  1. imran abbas says:

    a.o.a sir!!! your words really motivate me,i try to make practical ur sayings for the betterment of myself, hope i will be soon succeed in this. kindly keep guiding us. your each word really mean to us. thanks !!
    stay blessed..

  2. jamal bhatty says:

    Ye sir u r right in this era media has very mian roll, but in our country media play negative roll change the mind set of youngers.

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