Politics Culture in Pakistan

Political language in Pakistan has  been becoming violent over the period of time.The element of decency, respect, and tolerance is becoming rare entity.A number of analysts believe that recent language used by no less than the defense minster of the country on floor of joint session of the parliament, which politicians claim to be a  sacred place, has raised several fundamental questions about the approach,ethics and maturity of the politicians.The use of suck kind of language has become common in today’s Pakistani politics. The efforts done by the ruling political party to convince PTI to join elected assemblies beard fruit, and ultimately PTI joined assemblies, but, the attitude which ruling party members showed in the joint session shocked many people.It was government victory along with opposition parties to convince PTI to become the part of the democratic and contribute their effort, vision and thinking for the welfare of the nation.I believe that what attitude PTI adopted in the presence of the elected assemblies was not justifiable, but, at the same time I also believe that the attitude of the khawaja Asif was also objectionable on many grounds.We need to mature as politicians!!!


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